Downtown Food Trucks

Downtown Food Trucks

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The purpose of the Town of Wendell's Food Truck Policy is to serve and protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public; preserve the quality and enjoyment of residences and occupation of a site by a properly licensed business; and establish a uniform set of rules and regulations that are fair and equitable. The policy applies to food trucks operating on public property in the DMX Zoning District.

Please review the Food Truck Policy for all rules and regulations regarding food trucks on public property in the DMX district of the Town of Wendell. All Food Truck Request Form Forms should be submitted no less than 14 days prior to date(s) of request.

Food Truck Request Form

*If the proposed location of the food truck is within 100 feet of the main entrance to any eating establishment or similar food service business, written permission must be provided by the eating establishment.

If approved, staff will provide a signed Use of Public Space letter, granting permission to host food trucks at the specified date(s) and times. For recurring requests, the letter will be valid for one year past the issuing date, at which point the letter can be renewed, or a new request can be submitted by the host.