Message from the Chief

Message from the Chief

The Wendell Police Department is guided by four core values: Commitment, Collaboration, Integrity, and Professionalism. These values were established by our staff and serve as principles that guide us in our pursuit to serve the Town of Wendell.

It is my honor to serve the Town of Wendell as Chief of Police. I hold that honor in high regard and with the utmost level of seriousness. I feel it is my role to empower our staff and allow them to be innovative and lead with their initiatives. This creates a team that will utilize their unique skills and provide exceptional law enforcement services to our community.

As your chief, our officers will lean on our values to carry out our mission statement. This will be accomplished through collaboration and partnership with the community. I believe in providing exceptional police services through professionalism, integrity, community engagement, and transparency. I will strive to make this a priority across the agency.     

As our Town grows, we find it important to develop and maintain real and lasting partnerships with our community members. We desire to work together and meet the challenges ahead. Our agency seeks input from all members of our community so that we can understand how best to serve them. 

I look forward to the opportunities ahead as we shape this agency for the future. I invite you to be a part of this process and look forward to the future. Our website and social media pages will have important announcements for upcoming community events. We encourage your participation and welcome your feedback.

Thank you for your attention and the care we share for our Town.

John Slaughter, Chief of Police