Stormwater in Wendell

Stormwater in Wendell

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Storm water is a topic that has gained much traction over the last several years. 

The quality of our water and the procedures used to collect it are important. 

In Wendell, we strive to abide by the Federal and State stormwater regulations. These regulations strengthen our ability to be good stewards of this important resource.

Wendell Public Works maintains local stormwater. Here's how you can help the Town keep a viable, high-functioning stormwater system. 

The Public Works Department opens drains on major roads to ensure the easy flow of stormwater. Areas where pipes emptied into private lots are rerouted to drain where they should and roots are cleared from street drains. 

HOA- or developer-maintained retention ponds, ditches, and stormwater control measures are restored. 

Town-maintained ditches are being graded for positive water flow. 

Ditches, streams and swales are clear of debris because leaves and limbs are placed in yard waste cans or picked up by special pickups. 

Compliance Officers use education as a tool when debris is placed in or near our stormwater system. Using doorknockers helps homeowners place the waste in the appropriate locations. Please look at blue doorknockers as 'educational only' and a tool to reach as many people as possible on time. Call the number provided with any questions. 

Future projects will improve drainage on many Town roadways. Paving and sealcoating roads improves water flow, removes puddling, and identifies any damaged stormwater pipes. 

Items of Concern: 

Clogged driveway culvert pipes. As we have worked to improve the flow of water on our main roads, we are also evaluating our neighborhoods. Flooded yards and wet crawlspaces are often due to clogged and unmaintained driveway culvert pipes. 

Leaves and other debris left within the yard swale instead of being placed in a yard waste can or neglected to be removed via the 3-times-a-year special pickup enters into our stormwater system and causes contamination and blockage of proper drainage. 

What to Do During Storms: 

The Town requests that debris generated by storms be kept behind the curb. Do not place anything on the paved areas. If you have large debris, please schedule a special pickup by calling (919) 365-4822. Continue to use your yard waste cans for small waste. 

After a major storm, the Town may declare a pickup for debris. Notification would go out via the Town's social media pages and website. 

How can you help keep our stormwater system functioning and clean? 

If you have a culvert pipe, make sure it is open and free of debris. If the pipe is filled with debris, you drainage ditch/swale will not drain as designed. Water will pool and may impact your or your neighbors' homes. 

Remove yard waste from your drainage swales as soon as possible. Besides blocking culvert pipes and stormwater pipes, this debris also adds nitrogen to our waterways as it breaks down, causing algae blooms. 

Notify Public Works if you have a blocked culvert pipe that you simply cannot open. We partner with homeowners every year to find a solution, whether 'jetting' the pipe (removal of debris by high pressure water,) or providing various levels of assistance. We will add each caller to a list and will contact you to schedule an onsite evaluation. Please call (919) 365-4822 for assistance.

As always, the Public Works Department appreciates the great working relationship we have with our residents and business owners. Our Town streets, sidewalks, and roadsides look so much cleaner as our yard waste has come under control. 

As our community expands, we will continue to use innovation and educational opportunities to improve the quality of life for each of our residents and guests. With our collective efforts, we can ensure that our properties drain properly, our water doesn't pollute downstream areas, and we can be good stewards of vital resources. 

Keep up the great work, Wendell!

Brian Bray, Public Works Director